Stop Spectra's Pipeline Expansions and Invenergy's Fracked-Gas Power Plant

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Spectra Energy has proposed three major pipeline expansions to their Northeast pipeline system that would cost more then $5 billion dollars. It's all part of long term plan to increase our dependence on fossil fuels and export fracked-gas out of Canada. These pipeline expansions would lead to more fracking in the shale fields, hurt communities across the Northeast and expedite irreversible climate change. It's the time to invest in community owned, renewable energy not more fossil fuel infrastructure.

Several additional fracked-gas infrastructure projects have been proposed to connect to the expanded Spectra pipelines. Including in Burrillville, RI where Invenergy wants to build a toxic, $700 million gas power plant. The plant would create more pollution and noise in a town already inundated with fracked-gas infrastructure, lead to more fracking in the shale fields and contribute to global climate change. 

Everyday the natural gas industry wreaks havoc on the environment and our communities. The time to act is now. Pledge to take action to stop the Spectra pipeline expansions and Invenergy's fracked-gas power plant.

Pledge to Take Action
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